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CEREC Videos

Some Before and After Photos of Dr Rosenberg's work with CEREC 
You will also hear Dr Rosenberg interviewed by SkyRadio for American Airlines on his use of CEREC and how it changes the lives of his patients.

CEREC in the News From the Manufacturer Sirona Corporation

CEREC AC featured on The Doctors television show

The Doctors TV Show, which airs on the CBS network, recently featured a segment on the CEREC AC system from Sirona Dental Systems featuring Dr Bill Dorfman of Extreme Makeover fame, talking about this dental advance.

CEREC AC, a technological advance in chairside CAD/CAM, gives Dr Rosenberg the ability to capture digital impressions and create precise dental restorations in a single appointment.

At the heart of CEREC AC is the Bluecam handheld acquisition camera, which uses a highly visible blue light LED (light-emitting diode) to capture digital impressions.

The optics used in the Bluecam camera are optimized for a higher depth of field and accuracy, and are coupled with increased computing power to display crisp, detailed digital impressions:

The camera:

* Delivers precise 3D digital models
* Has easier and shorter acquisition times because it acquires the image automatically. It senses the right time to capture the image, and does so without intervention from the user
* Provides a uniform field of illumination for increased precision
* Captures digital impressions with speed--half-arch impressions in 40 seconds.

For more information about CEREC AC powered by Bluecam or to schedule an appointment, Call Dr. Rosenberg at 212-988-8822

Sirona explains How CEREC 3D works

All about CEREC as reported on WNBC-TV New York City
News Channel 4, New York: Dr. David Marks reports on how CEREC 3D drastically cuts the time for restorative procedures for patients in this channel 4 News for Your Health feature. Procedures that sometimes take 2 weeks can be done with CEREC in about one hour.

American Health Front, Los Angeles: The crew of American Health Front visits Dr. Armen Mirzayan to get a closer look at the esthetic dentistry and patient satisfaction that the CEREC system has become known for. (47 seconds)

Dr Fastbinder Talks about CEREC (49 sec) and its role as the future of dentistry that is esthetic and conservatives more tooth structure.

News Report on CEREC 3D by Channel 5 St. Louis, Mo. (3 Minutes)

  • Health Journal Television, Boca Raton: Marketing and Public Relations Manager Michael Dunn took part in a roundtable discussion about CEREC with General Alexander Haig and Lee Culp as they discussed the impact of CEREC and how it will be received in the future. (9 minutes) 

Monster Garage: Mechanic Craig Jull damaged a tooth while remodeling a vehicle. Dr. Gary Glasband of Long Beach, CA and his CEREC are brought in to restore his tooth in the shop and get him back to work immediately.
(3 minutes)

WBAL NBC 11, Baltimore: A patient whose amalgam has gone bad has it replaced with a CEREC restoration. The dentist replaces the amalgam in a single appointment and talks about how he sees CEREC as the way of the future. (2 minute report)

Some Dentists Are Going HighTech-Paula Ebben CBS TV 4 Boston MA More and more dentists are using a computerized system to make perfectly shaped teeth. In addition to improving your smile, it can also cut down on the time you have to spend in the dentists chair. Click Here to see video which will open in a new window.


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