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   Simon W Rosenberg, DMD

Prosthodontics and Cosmetic Dentistry
The Center for High Tech Dentistry
"Improving Smiles One Patient at a Time
Using High Tech with a Gentle Touch

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Videos of Our Patients

Previously Fearful Patient Talks about Dr Simon Rosenberg - As a patient with previous dental fears Lynda discusses her experiences as a patient of Dr Rosenberg and how she changed her entire attitude to Dental Care..



Patient of 20 Years Duration -- As a patient, whose wife, two children and mother-in-law are also patients, Alan discusses his experiences as a patient of Dr Rosenberg. He talks about the impact of non-surgical treatment of his Periodontal (Gum) Disease with Arestin micro-spheres of antibiotic Doxicycline placed in the pockets between the gums and teeth and the use of the Biolase Waterlase MD dental laser to sterilize and treat the gum infection and regain healthy attachment of the gum to the teeth, so he can keep and eat joyfully with his teeth.



Leslie tells about Good Value and Great Results with Her Dentist -- As the daughter of a famous, deceased NYU Professor in International known Prosthodontist, Leslie exemplified the daughter of the cobbler with worn out shoes. She came to Dr. Rosenberg with a lot of dental problems and a lot of fears from her previous poor experiences. She talks about the impact of her treatment here and the value she sees tin the level of personal care and the moderate fees involved.


Rafael tells about his Extreme Smile Makeover Experience -- As a wonderful patient of mine for over 12 years, Rafael speaks about his experience at our office. We gave him a complete mouth cosmetic reconstruction over a decade ago and returns now for routine checkups and cleanings.


Heather comes to Dr. Rosenberg to Replace a Failed Crown -- Heather had a crown that was unsightly with the wrong color which was complicated by previous root canal treatment and a gold cemented post, a black collar at the gum line from the exposed metal and fracture of the porcelain.


Actor Nicholas DeCegeli Has Dental Whitening (Bleaching) & Had His Smile Restored again! -- His smile makeover done several years ago changed his attitude toward dentistry. Now he attributes part of his confidence to his Whiter Smile after the in-office power bleaching which help him land a series of films in the past year.


Amy tells about Her Dental Veneers, Her Zoom! Whitening & Her Happiness with the Dental Care she received.


Spencer's Experience and Rapport with his Dentist -- He is most impressed with not only Dr. Rosenberg’s skills but with his taking the time to explain the procedures and let the patient know what will happen and what to expect and why this treatment is being recommended.


Vicki Loves Her Dental Veneers and Wants More -- She talks about how nice the staff is and how she likes to come to the dentist now.


Leonard speaks about his experience at Dr.Rosenberg's office -- He has also brought four of his children to be treated by Dr Rosenberg because he feels that he is the “Best in New York City” (while we can not claim that superiority, we thank Leonard for that compliment and for entrusting me to provide extensive care for his children (age 16 to 25) as well as himself over the last several years.


Edna enjoys the Quality of Service in Dr. Rosenberg's office -- She came in response to an article and ad in New York Women magazine and was pleased to find a caring environment, high technology and an office dedicated to saving her teeth, as she was not interested in only cosmetic dental care.


Patient Testimonial From Pro Basketball Player Erica Davis -- She came all the way from Greece, during a lull in the European Pro-Basketball season, to have the crowns done on pushed in teeth discolored from an accident on the court. In one visit with CEREC porcelain technology, she is pleased to see immediately the life-like appearance. The quickness of getting the results in a single visit eliminated the anxiety of waiting for a second visit, having to wear temporary crowns and the uncertainty of what the results would be if the crowns had to be sent out to a dental lab. There is not “what do we do if they don’t come back in time from the outside dental lab). All of those problems are eliminated by Dr Rosenberg being trained and experienced in using the CEREC CAD/CAM technology in his office.


Glen tells about his experience -
CEREC dental porcelain fillings


Biolase WaterlaseMD Laser Technology was used to remove Betty's Decay for the White Composite Restoration and the Laser was adjusted with different settings to Treat Viral Sores on her Lip -- All of this Treatment was done Without the Need for Any Dental Anesthesia --

No Shot, No Pain, No Fooling!


Ann Marie came to Dr.Rosenberg to fill a cavity in her tooth


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